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Aerial Lifts
No matter what the work environment, employees often use aerial lifts to help them enter work areas that would otherwise be almost impossible to get to. Success of reaching these environments can be challenging. Employers need to assess the worksite to identify all possible hazards in order to select the appropriate equipment for the task. Employers who use aerial lifts need to evaluate and implement effective controls that address fall protection, stabilization and positioning. Only trained workers in general industry and authorized workers in construction may be allowed to use aerial lifts, and employers must make sure that those workers show that they can use an aerial lift properly. Safe aerial lift use includes properly maintaining the equipment, following the manufacturer’s instructions, providing workers training and needed PPE, and implementing safe work practices.

After successfully completing this course, employees will be competent in the following:

• OSHA's standard 1926.453 (Related Standard: 1910.67)
• Types of aerial lifts and the training required to operate them.
• Hazards associated with using aerial lifts.
• Setting up, operating and moving an aerial lift.
• Working on the ground near an aerial lift.
• Explanations of electrical, fall, and falling object hazards
• Procedures for dealing with hazards
• Recognizing and avoiding unsafe conditions in the work setting
• Instructions for correct operation of the lift (including maximum intended load and load capacity)
• Demonstrations of the skills and knowledge needed to operate an aerial lift before operating it on the job--
When and how to perform inspections; Manufacturer's requirements.
• See OSHA's Fact sheets on Aerial Lifts for more information: OR

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