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Behavior Based Safety Training or Services
Under the General Duty Clause, (Section 5(a)(1) of the OSH Act of 1970,) OSHA requires the employer to provide a safe environment for their employees. The concept of safety is a series of choices made by workers each day, choices involving behaviors in the workplace. There are three factors that influence employee personal safety choices: the ability to recognize hazards and evaluate risk, the motivation to be safe, and the ability to focus while performing the current task safely. Behavior Based Safety is a program designed to influence employee actions toward safer outcomes, ideally by preventing an accident or injury before it occurs. By establishing a coprehensive behavior based safety program, companies promote safety, eliminate hazards and help prevent injuries.

As a result of implementing Behavior Based Safety and providing this training, organizations and employees can:

• Improve employee health, welfare, job satisfaction and retention rates
• Lower or eliminate cost of worker’s compensation claims
• Reduce costs related to employee medical leave and absenteeism
• Influence culture development and standardization
• Establish a system of measurement
• Handle challenging situations

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