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Incident, Accident & Near Miss Investigation

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Incident, Accident, & Near Miss Investigation
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (, there was 2.8 million on-the-job (non-fatal) workplace
workplace injuries and illnesses reported by private industry employers in 2017. OSHA recommends that employers conduct investigations of all incidents to identify the root causes and to keep similar events from happening again. Incident, accident or near miss investigation requirements can also sometimes be found in state laws and regulations for worker safety and health and/or workers' compensation. For some instances, OSHA requires that employers conduct investigations of all incidents. There are three classifications-- incidents, accidents, and near misses.

After successfully completing this course, employees should have a competent understand of how to conduct investigations of incidents, accidents, and near misses in any work environment while also attaining knowledge of the following:

• Investigation Basics
• Investigation Teams
• Preparation for investigating an incident
• Understand Incidents, accidents, and near misses
• Identify the proper steps to conduct a thorough investigation
• Recognize the required components of a written investigation report and developing Written Incident Investigation Plans
• Identify the appropriate actions to take after an investigation is complete (Implementation of corrective actions)
• OSHA guide for incident investigation:

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